Borrowing made easy.

Thanks to our fully integrated lending, brokering, and financing capabilities, SoBankable provides mortgage opportunities that are specifically tailored to your needs.

At SoBankable, we believe in bringing transparency and value to everything we do. We have over 27 years of lending history and we understand that successful relationships aren’t just a result; they’re a process—one that we’re committed to every day.

We structure and fund mortgages that institutional lenders are often unable to provide. Thanks to our fully integrated investment, brokering, and borrowing practices, we are able to explore and finance mortgage opportunities that are specifically tailored to client needs.

SoBankable builds meaningful relationships with its clients. Those relationships are built on:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Progressive thinking

Let the professional team at SoBankable assist you with all your financing needs.

Our Mission

To create a borderless, frictionless, multinational lending ecosystem.

Our Vision

To provide sustainable real estate investment opportunities for non-resident foreign nationals in the United States, Canada, Mexico and other countries.

Our Credentials

We are licensed to deal in mortgages across selected areas in North America.

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The SoBankable Management Team

A Division of Caplink Group of Companies

Brian Menges, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, UDP

Brian has a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance), National University, San Diego, a Bachelor of Arts (Economics), University of Alberta, and a Masters of Business Administration, University of Alberta. He is a registered Dealing Representative (Exempt Market Dealer), Advising Representative (Restricted Portfolio Manager) and Ultimate Designated Individual (Investment Fund Manager) and holds numerous mortgage banking licenses in Canada and the United States. Since 1991, he has worked in residential and commercial mortgage finance, real estate equity finance, property management, investment fund management, investor relations, and securities compliance. He is co-founder and CEO of the Alberta based mortgage brokerage and securities firm under the Caplink Group of Companies, which specializes in real estate debt and equity finance. He is CEO of Caplink Mortgage Corporation, a U.S. mortgage banking firm, CEO of Caplink Mortgage Trust, and past president of mortgage investment corporations Cedar II Mortgage Corporation and Caplink Mortgage Investors Corporation. Brian’s industry and community activities include Director and founding member of the Canadian Alternative Mortgage Lenders Association (CAMLA); Member of the Edmonton Executive Association; Member of the Economic Society of Northern Alberta; Past Member Alberta Securities Commission Exempt Market Dealer Advisory Committee; Past Member of the Real Estate Council of Alberta’s Mortgage Broker Advisory Committee; Past President and Director of the Alberta Mortgage Broker’s Association; and Past Member and Co-Chair of the Private Lenders Forum.

Colin Hu, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Colin holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Finance and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.  In his role as the CFO, he is responsible for overseeing financial reporting and internal controls.  He is also responsible for leading finance modernization and business process optimization projects to ensure that the finance team is in the best position possible to support the organization as it grows.  Colin brings over 10 years of progressive accounting experience, beginning his career in advisory with KPMG, in addition to providing advisory services to a variety of clients across several industries.  His experiences have allowed him to gain deep insight into the finance function of organizations and the ability to provide best practice solutions for the unique challenges they face.

Karen Riva, Chief Compliance Officer

As Chief Compliance Officer, Karen is accountable for the oversight of all regulatory and compliance matters. She has 22 years of experience in the financial services industry, with more than 10 years in the role of Chief Compliance Officer. Throughout her career, she has worked with firms registered as Exempt Market Dealer, Investment Fund Manager, Restricted Portfolio Manager, Mutual Fund Dealer as well as with the Wealth Management division of a National Life insurance organization. Karen has completed a variety of courses with the Canadian Securities Institute, most notably; the Partners, Directors and Senior Officers Qualifying Examination, the Chief Compliance Officer Qualifying Examination, and the Canadian Securities Course.

Milly Bergenstrom, Manager, Mortgage Administration

Prior to joining Caplink in 2008, Milly spent seven years with a multinational software automation company. Over the seven years Milly received several employment advances and prior to her leaving was a Global Customer Care Advocate responsible for major global accounts in Canada, the United States, China, Japan and Mexico. Since joining Caplink, Milly has held several mortgage servicing positions, first as a mortgage administrator to currently being responsible for Caplink’s mortgage servicing in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Jason Brown, Manager, Mortgage Origination

Since 2007, Jason has worked in the private mortgage industry. He started with an Alberta based private mortgage lender where he gained considerable experience in mortgage brokering, origination, underwriting, and administration. During his tenure with that firm, Jason ascended from the role of mortgage originator to Mortgage Manager. In 2018, Jason joined Caplink as Manager of Canadian Mortgage Origination. In that capacity, Jason oversaw the underwriting department, while nurturing relations with Caplink’s network of Canadian mortgage brokers. Most recently, Jason has become Caplink’s Manager, International Mortgage Origination where he is responsible for all residential and commercial prime, near-prime and nonprime mortgage production in Canada, the United States and Mexico. In his current role, Jason not only supervises the approval process for all mortgages, but is responsible for the implementation of Caplink’s domestic and foreign mortgage underwriting software systems.

Phil du Heaume, LLB, Independent General Counsel

Phil has both a Bachelor of Science degree and Bachelor of Law degree (LLB). He obtained his certificate from Osgoode Hall Law School in Regulatory Compliance & Legal Risk Management for Financial Institutions in 2015, and is a practicing member of the Law Society of Alberta. Phil articled and spent five years at an Edmonton-based mid-size law firm, where his practice included advising clients on corporate, commercial or securities transactions and related matters. He joined Raintree Financial Solutions, one of Canada’s largest exempt market dealers, in 2013 as part of the firm’s senior executive team in the role of Vice-President, Legal & Compliance. He left Raintree in mid 2016 to pursue Phil du Heaume Professional Corporation as a means of providing independent general counsel services to the underserved Edmonton small and medium enterprise (SME) market with Raintree’s support as a key client. He currently serves as a member of the Alberta Securities Commission Exempt Market Dealer Advisory Committee.

A Corporate Overview

SoBankable is a division of Caplink Group of Companies, which includes Caplink Financial Corporation (Canada & Mexico), Caplink Mortgage Corporation (United States) and Caplink Capital Group Inc. (Canada & Mexico).

Caplink Financial Corporation(CFC) has operated as a private mortgage lender and mortgage servicer in Canada for over 25 years.  It is a licensed mortgage broker in BC, AB, MB and ON, and is a Financing Corporation in SK.  CFC is a registered exempt market dealer in BC, AB, SK and MB, and both an restricted portfolio manager and investment fund manager in BC and AB.

Caplink Mortgage Corporation (CMC) has operated in the United States since 2020.  It is a licensed mortgage banker in AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, NJ, TX and WA, and a licensed mortgage broker in PA (NMLS#1981940).  It addition, CMC can provide none owner-occupied business purpose mortgage financing in 28 states.

Caplink Capital Inc. and CFC currently provide mortgage loan origination and mortgage servicing operations in six of Mexico’s 31 states.